Oregon is one of the best states for photography.

Take a look at this list of the best photography locations in Oregon. These are the spots you’ll see all over the popular Instagram hashtags: #pnwonderland, #exploregon, or #portlandoregon. The best time to come photograph Oregon is definitely the Spring. The forests are green, the cherry blossoms are blooming, and everything is gorgeous. There isn’t really an off-time for Oregon, but the winter can get very grey and dark. This is definitely a time where getting out to the coast, or exploring the desert areas of Eastern Oregon can be fun.

oregon photo spots

Tips: Find a waterfall, bring a thermos of coffee, enjoy. There are also hot springs, coastal hikes, or year-round skiing. Oregon is an outdoor wonderland. As far as cameras go, don’t forget an underwater housing to go get the coolest surf photos or unique perspectives of waterfalls. Also, maybe try flying a drone to get new looks on some of the more popular spots, like Multnomah falls pictured here.


The Best Oregon Photography Locations
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